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Bug#902493: apache2-bin: Event MPM listener thread may get blocked by SSL shutdowns

On 10.02.19 14:36, Stefan Fritsch wrote:

> Between 2.4.25 and the fix for this issue, there were some intrusive 
> changes in mpm_evnt. If we did a backport, rhe risk of introducing 
> regressions would be quite high. Therefore, and because the next Debian 
> stable release is quite near, I don't think it makes sense to backport the 
> fix.

Maybe, as a compromise, switch to using mpm_worker as the default MPM
instead of mpm_event?

I've seen this problem here in more and more servers of mine, I had to
switch all of them to mpm_worker to avoid this nasty bug.

Also I am a bit disappointed by you invoking the "the next release is
near" argument. Most of my servers for example won't get Buster until
early to mid 2020 and I think many of others are in the same boat.


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