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Bug#915103: Apache2 HTTP/2 connection problems with Safari clients

> Could you please shed light on where I can find commit bee2facd9343beda10677b139cd9b2e49e986f01 for Debian Stretch?
> I did not find apache2 sources on https://salsa.debian.org - Where is the official Debian apache2 source git repo?
> If it is not public, please attach the patch.
> We are struggling hard with this bug and will need to downgrade all of our customers from HTTP/2 to HTTP/1.1 if we don't find a fix very soon. I am fine compiling apache2 package by myself as long as this fix does not make it into Stretch.
> Can you confirm that this bug was only introduced in Debian 9.6 point release? That issue was not popping up before but since then, people started complaining.

OK, in the meantime I found official Debian apache2 git repo:

But the patch from bee2facd9343beda10677b139cd9b2e49e986f01 (https://salsa.debian.org/apache-team/apache2/commit/bee2facd9343beda10677b139cd9b2e49e986f01) was already applied to latest apache2 package in Debian 9.6 (modules/http2/h2_bucket_beam.c). How come this should fix the problem? Or did you rather mean this patch is the source of these issues.


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