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Bug#912277: apache2: does not start any more: AH01903: Failed to configure CA certificate chain!

Dixi quod…

> I just hit this on another machine, it’s the 2.4.35-1 → 2.4.37-1 upgrade
> that caused the failure.

Given that I originally reported this against 2.4.35-1 and that…

> More debugging data points: this did not occur immediately after
> the package upgrade, only when I did an /etc/init.d/apache2 stop
> followed by start.
> Worse, this persists after downgrading apache2, apache2-bin,
> apache2-data, apache2-utils to 2.4.35-1 (?!?!?!).

… this is obviously nonsense.

2.4.33-3+b1 is the oldest version I can downgrade to, and it
also exhibits the problem. WTF.

We did switch certificates recently, but OpenSSL accepts them…

Still puzzled,
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