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Bug#910917: RFA: apache2 -- Apache HTTP Server

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I am looking for new maintainers for the Apache httpd server (the
apache2 package).

The apache2 package has a relatively complex packaging and config file
handling. There are also a lot of third-party module packages in Debian.
Therefore, some experience with using Apache httpd and with Debian
packaging is highly recommended. 

After more than 11 years of maintaining apache2, my interests have
shifted significantly and I no longer have sufficient time and
motivation to maintain it properly. Therefore, I am looking for someone
(or several people) to take over the package. I may stay as a
co-maintainer for some time, but I want somebody else to do the majority
of the work. Therefore, I have chosen RFA and not RFH for the bug title.

With the exception of some contributions from Ondřej now and then, there
are no other active people on the apache packaing "team" anymore.


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