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Bug#894827: apache2: Apache workers are hanging after reload


I think I'm affected by the same problem.

After upgrading to 2.4.33-3 it's happening consistently after every
reload, to all the workers (making all the requests to the server time
out until I restart the server).

I've been juggling between one of the older versions (2.4.25-3) and the
current version and under .25 it does not happen every time, but after
some longer time from server restart, a reload would once again start
causing hanging.

The only indication in the logs of what's happening during the reload,
are segfaults in Apache error.log:

[core:notice] [pid 908] AH00052: child pid 3508 exit signal Segmentation
fault (11)

and in kernel log:

apache2[1728]: segfault at 7f1389bcf660 ip 00007f1389bcf660 sp
00007fff3fba3298 error 14 in mod_vhost_alias.so[7f139026f000+2000]

followed by errors (AH00106) from shell scripts that I've set up to
handle piped logging - but these are logged only during the reload, not
while the server in unresponsive, so this might be irrelevant.

Since I've got the configuration that's generating the problem
consistently, is there anything I can do to help track it down?

Michał K.

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