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Bug#895237: apache2: apachectl does not use systemd for restarts

On Sunday, 15 April 2018 21:50:57 CEST Jan Heitkötter wrote:
> The hooks in Let’s Encrypt’s conffile say “apachectl -k”; the manpage
> does not explain this option. Omitting -k makes things work:

options unknown to apachectl are passed to apache2 and apache2 -k start tells 
apache2 to do a normal start and go into the background. But this means that 
the systemd magic that apachectl does for "apachectl start" is not done for 
"apachectl -k start".

Not sure how to fix this. In general, it is not possible to map all options to 
systemd actions. For example, one could do

apachectl -DSOME_CONFIG_DEFINE -k start

to start apache with some special config options. Even worse, "-k start" is 
the default if no other action option (like -k, -t, -l, -L, ...) is given.

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