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Bug#495400: apr_1.3.2-3(m68k/experimental): test suite fails

On 08/04/2017 11:23 PM, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> The bug has been open for 9 years and no m68k porter has looked at it. 
> Ususally apr test failures are toolchain/kernel/libc issues, so my 
> motivation to debug this for a very slow arch that has zero chance of ever 
> being part of a Debian release is very small.

If no email is send to inform any of the porters, no one is going
to know that there is an actual bug which needs to be worked on.

The port-specific mailing lists exist for this very reason. You
can't expect us to know about every bug filed on any package
within Debian.

If you have a problem with architecture X, talk to the people
maintaining it.

>> Here's a current build log [1]. m68k is alive and kicking with full
>> C++11 support and over 10700 out of 12000 packages being up-to-date.
> Sorry, I did not know that the ports use the official buildd website 
> nowadays. Is there some tool like rmadison but that includes all 
> inofficial ports, too?

I'm not sure what the current status here is. James Clarke will know
more. He's been working on bringing these features to Debian Ports. There
is already a transition tracker for Debian Ports:

> https://ben.jrtc27.com/

> And the build log [1] seems to be built with "notest" so it does not help 
> for checking if the test failure still happens.

I can test that. There is also a way to set up your own m68k environment [1].


> [1] https://wiki.debian.org/M68k/sbuildQEMU

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