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Bug#867565: apache2 segfaults on stop

On Sun, Jul 09, 2017 at 08:40:33AM +0200, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> I cannot reproduce this. Does this happen for you always or did maybe the 
> crash only happen during the first stop after the security update for expat or 
> for apache2? It would be great if you could check that in the logs. Maybe /
> var/log/apt/history.log helps.

The problem seems to be related to mod_wsgi.  You can try installing
package like keystone that uses wsgi and the problem will appear in
the kernel log:

# service apache2 restart
Jul 26 15:11:07 stretch kernel: [13675.487624] apache2[14224]: segfault at 7f4c870a47a0 ip 00007f4c870a47a0 sp 00007ffe37558148 error 14 in libexpat.so.1.6.2[7f4c8910d000+27000]
# service apache2 restart
Jul 26 15:11:08 stretch kernel: [13677.399062] apache2[14354]: segfault at 7fdca73897a0 ip 00007fdca73897a0 sp 00007ffcd8cfb788 error 14 in libexpat.so.1.6.2[7fdca93f2000+27000]
# service apache2 restart
Jul 26 15:11:10 stretch kernel: [13678.620403] apache2[14477]: segfault at 7f4c0ecd47a0 ip 00007f4c0ecd47a0 sp 00007ffc7cfd2188 error 14 in libexpat.so.1.6.2[7f4c10d3d000+27000]
# service apache2 restart
Jul 26 15:11:11 stretch kernel: [13679.628174] apache2[14600]: segfault at 7f2daf1c67a0 ip 00007f2daf1c67a0 sp 00007ffd329bdb48 error 14 in libexpat.so.1.6.2[7f2db122f000+27000]


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