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Re: Bug#852776: mariadb-server-10.1: init script doesn't specify it should be started prior to apache2 etc

Hi Julian,

I understand that apache2 is a usually a "prominent" user of mysql
database, but I am inclined to say, that such dependency would be better
placed in the packages that uses 'mysql', as it would be a tedious to
list all possible dependencies (php-fpm, opendnssec with mysql, etc...)
into the mariadb init script, and it all depends on per-system/per-user

I haven't tested it yet, but perhaps we can investigate whether all
database packages could "Provide: $database" and all such users could do
"Require-Start: $database".

Similar to what postfix do:

$ cat /etc/insserv.conf.d/postfix 
$mail-transport-agent postfix

So having a:
$database mysql

$database postgresql-9.6

might actually help insserv to figure out the right sysvrc script order.
But I might be mistaken whether this would work if more packages has the
'$database' defined.

Ccing apache2 and postgresql maintainers on this one.

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