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Bug#856570: apache2: does not send any Content-Type for plaintext files

> Apache 2 does not send *any* Content-Type header for plaintext files
> any more, so I cannot tell it to send “text/plain; charset="UTF-8"”
> to work around at least TWO bugs in Firefox (which likes to interpret
> those files, unlike Lynx, Chromium and Safari, as windows-1252).

This is not entirely true. Let me add an important part of your problem
description you sent me over another channel:

This holds for plain text files that have no filename extension, e.g.
“foo”. A file named “foo.txt” undergoes mime-type mapping and is served
with “Content-Type: text/plain” just fine.

> Even if I add…
> 	DefaultType text/plain  
> 	AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
> … to the Directory, it does not cause the presence of a Content-Type header.

Apache uses /etc/mime.types to translate extensions into mime types,
which, in my eyes, is a design flaw, because it is a 1:n mapping used by
Apache for reverse lookups. Every time an extension maps to more than
one mime type, Apache seems to drop the Content-Type header. As “no
extension” is mapped in mime.types to many mime types (mind you: not to
*no* mime type), the DefaultType doesn't kick in.

What you are probably looking for is this:



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