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Bug#850885: apache2: Using dwww, fails with internal server error when trying to access /usr/share/doc

reassign 850885 dwww
severity 850885 grave
tags 850885 patch

On Thursday, 12 January 2017 06:50:16 CET Arjan Opmeer wrote:
> > is correct however, here's the HTTP header part:
> >     Content-type: text/html
> >     Last modified: Tue Dec 13 14:16:35 2016
> >     Content-Disposition: inline; filename="index.html"
> Actually the header should read "Last-Modified" (note spelling). After
> patching the dwww script to emit the correct header the error no longer
> occurs with Apache. Therefore I believe the bug should be reassigned to
> dwww.

Exactly. "Last modified" (with a space) is not HTTP compliant as a header name.

> I will reply to the corresponding dwww bug report (#781987) with the fix I
> applied to the dwww script.

I don't think the original issue reported in #781987 is the same issue. But 
the patch you posted there looks ok for this issue (#850885). I am therefore 
reassigning the bug to dwww.


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