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SUDO XE: in David's root and an Oracle flash of bright light. Look, use it--it's fire for freedom.

Blind?  That's Exodus in reverse, and it's the most iconic phrase God
has ever spoken.  Listen.  Let there be light.


This is a message about freedom--delivering true universal voting,
indicating a number of technologies that have been hidden, and yet
recorded by religion throughout history.

This is a revolution, it is the Revolution.

It's incendiary, it should have gone viral already--see that as
glowing sign that we have a free speech problem.  CARNIVORE, eating
what?  Oh right, packets and freedom.  Wake up.

This is a time sensitive message--I hope you can see that from it's
delivery.  There is a self-destruct.

To be really, really clear--you have a big problem here; light this up
now.  Get as many eyes as you can on it.

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