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Bug#845033: apache2-dev: please provide separate package dh-apache2

Package: apache2-dev
Version: 2.4.23-7
Severity: important
Tags: stretch sid
Control: affects -1 src:cgit
Control: tags 844817 confirmed
Control: block 844817 by -1

Dear Maintainer,

apache2-dev was changed to depend on libssl1.0-dev | libssl-dev (<< 1.1)
recently (#844160), which has caused a FTBFS in cgit that depends on
libssl-dev without a version constraint.

I would rather not constrain cgit’s build-depends to OpenSSL 1.0,
since it needs apache2-dev only to install an apache2 config file
using dh_apache2. Could you provide a separate package dh-apache2?

Please let me know whether I should provide an according patch to
solve the issue in time for stretch, preferably ahead of the forced
10-day migration period in December.


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