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Bug#821313: apache2-data: Remove links in default site page to manpages.debian.org

On Sunday 17 April 2016 17:09:03, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña 
> Last Monday 11th, DSA had to disable the 'manpages.debian.org' vhost
> service in glinka.debian.org because it was consuming continuously
> a large amount of CPU and affecting other services.

Oh dear...

> Both DSA and I believe that the Apache2 default configuration should
> avoid this misbehaviour by not including links to external sites. 
> Please find attached a patch that removes those links from the
> index.html page which is added by default to all Apache sites
> installed in Debian.

I will include that in the next upload, but it will take a very long 
time until there is no stable/LTS release with the old page anymore.


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