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Bug#805737: libembperl-perl: FTBFS: apache2 crash during test suite

Package: libembperl-perl
Version: 2.5.0-4
Severity: serious
Tags: sid stretch
X-Debbugs-Cc: apache2@packages.debian.org

This package fails to build on current sid.

  Testing mod_perl mode...
  #0 ascii...                   ok
  #1 pure.htm...                ERR:Status read failed: Connection reset by peer
The test apache2 process is crashing with this backtrace:

  Core was generated by `/usr/sbin/apache2 -X -f /home/niko/tmp/libembperl-perl-2.5.0/test/conf/httpd.co'.
  Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
  #0  ap_mpm_pod_check (pod=0x0) at mpm_unix.c:459
  459 mpm_unix.c: No such file or directory.
  (gdb) bt
  #0  ap_mpm_pod_check (pod=0x0) at mpm_unix.c:459
  #1  0x00007f280ff3cb17 in child_main (child_num_arg=child_num_arg@entry=0, child_bucket=child_bucket@entry=0)
      at prefork.c:732
  #2  0x00007f280ff3cd32 in make_child (s=0x7f2811a2c470, slot=slot@entry=0, bucket=bucket@entry=0)
      at prefork.c:767
  #3  0x00007f280ff3e292 in prefork_run (_pconf=<optimized out>, plog=0x7f2811a27028, s=0x7f2811a2c470)
      at prefork.c:979
  #4  0x000056038855f9ae in ap_run_mpm (pconf=0x7f2811a53028, plog=0x7f2811a27028, s=0x7f2811a2c470)
      at mpm_common.c:94
  #5  0x0000560388559040 in main (argc=4, argv=0x7ffed5563c88) at main.c:777
This regressed with apache2 upgrade from 2.4.16-3 to 2.4.17-2, so I'm
cc'ing the apache2 maintainers in case they have ideas.
Niko Tyni   ntyni@debian.org

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