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Bug#793862: apache2: purging deletes directory co-owned by apache2-bin: /var/lib/apache2/

Control: reassign -1 apache2 2.4.12-2

The problem is not in apache2.2-common that doesn't exists any more, at
least not in that version, but in apache2.postrm that basically does on
rm -rf /var/lib/apache2

while apache2-bin.postrm does:
rm -f /var/lib/apache2/deferred_actions

Both packages have /var/lib/apache2 in their .dirs file.

One solution would be to have "apache2.postrm purge" only remove these

On the other hand, apache2 package contains the
apache2-maintscript-helper, the a2enmod-like helpers, the init.d
scripts, so I'm not sure it make sense to have any thing in
/var/lib/apache2 handled by apache2-bin. Maybe the deferred_actions
handling should be fully done by apache2, and /var/lib/apache2 removed
from package apache2-bin.dirs.
The deferred_actions are processed by apache2 any ways, not by apache2-bin.


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