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Bug#713967: Bug#790941: partman-md: RAID10 not configurable by preseeding


On 10.07.2015 00:45, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Philipp Hahn <hahn@univention.de> (2015-07-03):
>> Package: partman-md
>> As "partman-md/raid10layout" is force-set to "n2" by the script itself,
>> the question is never asked for, and overwrites what is specified by
>> preseeding.
> Thanks for the report and the patch. Out of curiosity, did you
> actually test it works fine?

Yes, the pre-seeding works, but as I learned yesterday "partman-md" is
only available when the installed is used interactively.
"partman-auto-raid" has its own hall to create the RAID, where the
leyout cannot be specified.
That is why I sent those two additional patches for "partman-raid" and
"debian-installer" (where its documentation is stored).

Philipp Hahn

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