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apache2 still not migrating to stretch

Dear apache2 maintainers

You might have notice that apache2 2.4.12 is still stuck in unstable.

Here's an extract from a discussion I had on IRC on Monday:
--- 8< --------------------
(14:30:14) nirgal: Hi there. After no longer building some Jessie
transitional packages, we filled a RM request in unstable (#787923
resolved yesterday at 18:32). I now have a "Valid candidate", but
apache2 still isn't migrating to testing with some "more excuses". dak
should have run 2 or 3 times since then. Am I just too impatient or is
there something to do here? https://packages.qa.debian.org/apache2
(14:30:18) zwiebelbot: (notice) Debian#787923: RM: apache2 -- NBS; ROM;
Remove obsolete transitional packages - https://bugs.debian.org/787923
(14:37:22) adsb: the britney log says
(14:37:25) adsb:     * amd64: apache2-mpm-prefork, apache2-mpm-worker,
(14:37:34) adsb: which means they're not installable if apache2 migrates
(14:39:20) nirgal: adsb: These packages no longer exists in 2.4.12
(actually apache2-suexec is now virtual)
(14:40:08) adsb: yeah, not immediately sure why they're not being
dropped then
(14:40:11) adsb: nthykier: ^^
(14:44:14) adsb: oh, I see why. because they were in section oldlibs, so
britney will try and keep them around iff they have any r-deps in testing
(14:46:19) adsb: which the mpm packages don't appear to have. so I'm
back at nthykier :)
(15:42:42) nthykier: dak says:
(15:42:42) nthykier: # Broken Depends:
(15:42:42) nthykier: ikiwiki-hosting: ikiwiki-hosting-web
(15:42:45) nthykier: For testing
(15:42:54) nthykier: adsb: nirgal: ^
(15:43:05) adsb: that appears to be apache2-suexec, which is now virtual
(15:43:23) adsb: for just the mpm packages, there appear to be no r-deps
(15:44:11) nthykier: The mpm ones look weird indeed
(15:46:38) adsb: hmmm, there are alternative dependencies
(15:47:37) adsb: freedombox-setup depends on apache2|apache2-mpm-worker
and openguides depends on apache2-mpm-prefork|apache|httpd. so it
depends what smooth updates is doing with those
(15:58:31) nthykier: adsb: assumes it should keep them
(16:00:55) nirgal: adsb, nthykier: last versions of apache2-mpm-*
(transitional packages) were depending on apache2 anyways. Should
freedombox and openguides drop the alternate dependency for the
migration to happen?
(16:03:40) nthykier: nirgal: it would fix it, but we should fix Britney
(16:05:14) nirgal: Regarding ikiwiki-hosting-web that depends on
apache2-suexec that now is a virtual package, I'm don't really
understand what we should do. We could try uploading a version replacing
apache2-suexec by apache2-suexec-custom|apache2-suexec-pristine, then
back to apache2-suexec after the migration, but this is... suboptimal
(16:05:20) adsb: we could temporarily fudge things in this case by
dropping oldlibs from smooth updates. it's a fudge, but it's the
simplest thing I can think of short term
(16:09:44) nthykier: or you can force-hint it - Britney will remove them
(17:38:48) nirgal: nthykier: adsb: Regarding apache2-suexec, as a
virtual package, it is already provided by apache2-suexec-pristine and
apache2-suexec-custom in 2.4.10 (testing=stretch), so the binary could
be removed there, FYI. Regarding the mpm-* alternate dependencies, I
opened #791594 and #791597 (plus #791595 and #791596 for recommends).
What should I do now? fix these? Open a ticker against release quoting
that conversation and work arounds?
(17:39:02) zwiebelbot: (notice) Debian#791594: Don't depend on obsolete
packages apache2-mpm-prefork|apache|httpd - https://bugs.debian.org/791594
(17:39:04) zwiebelbot: (notice) Debian#791597: Remove apache2-mpm-worker
from the depends list - https://bugs.debian.org/791597
(17:39:05) zwiebelbot: (notice) Debian#791595: Don't recommend
apache2-mpm-prefork - https://bugs.debian.org/791595
(17:39:05) zwiebelbot: (notice) Debian#791596: Don't recommends
inexistant package apache2-mpm-worker - https://bugs.debian.org/791596
(18:45:18) The account has disconnected and you are no longer in this chat.
--- 8< --------------------

If I understand correctly, the main problem is in dak, but it's now been
some time that apache2 hasn't been updated in testing.

I plan to NMU #791594 and #791597 next week (packages popcon
respectively are 7 and 2...)

I don't quite know what to do about apache2-suexec. We could NMU
ikiwiki, or reintroduce the package through the NEW queue, or fix dak,
or open a bugreport against release to ask for help in the migration.
Any idea?

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