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Bug#768815: apache2.2-common: debsums reports missing conffiles after wheezy -> jessie upgrade

Followup-For: Bug #768815

For wheezy->jessie we ignored the remaining problems in piuparts, but
for wheezy->jessie->stretch I'd like to get rid of them:

1m41.5s ERROR: FAIL: debsums reports modifications inside the chroot:

With apache2.2-common being gone this should be rather easy.
IIRC these conffiles were taken over by the apache2 package, so
all that should be needed are unversioned
 Breaks+Replaces: apache2.2-common
in the apache2 package.

That would ensure the obsolete transitional package is removed
on upgrades (therefore no more debsums complaining) and maybe also
"forget" about the remaining conffile bits in dpkg ...


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