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Bug#775176: please manage address/port listenings with the conf.d snippets system or something similar

retitle 775176 please manage address/port listenings with the conf.d snippets system or something similar

On Sat, 2015-01-17 at 13:51 +0100, Harald Dunkel wrote:

> This bug report is about the files provided with the package. All
> I'm asking for is using a2enconf instead of ports.conf.
I've understood that (and I corrected the title accordingly, since that
implied something completely different)...

So I did some tests just now, and unlike to what I was  sure myself
before, it *does* work, that you remove e.g. Listen foo:80, and still
have Vhosts enabled which are configured for foo:80.
Sorry for not having correctly verified that earlier.

Therefore taking that back and claiming the opposite ;-)

So you were right in that matter, one can actually make the Listen like
a feature one disables/enables.
At least the vhosts will continue to work, but just those where one
still has listeners (e.g. on 443) will answer.
I have *not* checked though, whether it works with all other places in
apache, which refer to internal ports/addresses ... e.g. there *may* be
directives, which reference port 80, and that simply make daemon start
fail when that is no longer listening.

Now with respect to your request:
In principle you can implement this already now:
Just empty ports.conf and add your Listen statement to e.g. conf.d

> I'm OK with
> having a single file for both ports.
... but of course the above only makes sense when you have multiple
ports.conf like files, e.g.
a2en/dis http.conf
a2en/dis https.conf
a2en/dis svn.conf
...where each of them contains the Listen directive's for one of these

Whether this makes sense in practical usage is another question,...
I for example configure my sites to do what I want, and if I don't want
the to listen on http, I just don't configure them to do so,.. or I set
up an (insecure) redirect to https.
And if I'd have no http altogether (in all my sites), THEN I'd remove
the Listen line from ports.conf
But I'd never switch one or the other on/off on a regular/daily basis.
So for me personally(!!) it wouldn't make that much sense, and I still
think the handling should stay as it is...

...because, what definitely doesn't work (at least up to until Apache
2.2) is that you have the same Listen statement multiple times.
So you cannot just add these to the sites configs (conceptually).

So right now I think it makes more sense to take ports.conf as the
single file that handles the listeners.


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