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Apache sending only UTF-8 when filenames end .php

Hi there,

Im using Jessie. Connected with Jessie is apache version 2.4. My problem is, that the server sends to the client only files of the type *.php with the code UTF-8.

Sending files of the type *.html everything is fine. Of course text/html and ISO-8859-15 are set as META-tags. And this is independent from the content of the file. When I take a file of type *.html and just change the name to *.php, apache sends UTF-8.

I've tried to change the file apache.conf in adding ISO-8859-15 as DefaultCharset - no effect. I looked in etc/php/apache. There I've found as a standard text/html. I tried to define ISO-8859-15 as default: no effect.

Of course I asked the german Debian-Forum: No answer (okay, that also means: no wrong answer).

Parallel to Jessie I work with an installation of Wheezy: There the problem doesn't exist.

That's why I think it is a bug. Gravity: severe. With konqueror, for example, there is no possibility to change the characterset on the screen. With iceape or iceweasel you can change it. Only opera gives the side information to receive UTF-8, but shows the content of the side by respecting the META-tag ISO-8859-15.

Thank you for your work.


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