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Bug#722648: Alias statement in configuration file does not work

Hello Adrian

You wrote:
> Alias statements gave error messages or are simply not honored (then gives
> error in browser window)

I think this is the normal behavior:

You configuration file has:
49: Alias / /var/www/base/adrian/immanuelk/
50: Alias /conglom-o/ /var/www/base/adrian/conglom-o/website/v3/
51: Alias /one/ /var/www/base/adrian

And you get these warnings:
AH00671: The Alias directive in ... at line 51 will probably never match because it overlaps a previous Alias.

This is the expected behavior.

Please re-read the Alias directive documentation at 
including the "Order of Processing" paragraph.

You probably have to reorder your alias directives.

Additionnally, it's uncommon to alias "/". I guess changing your DocumentRoot
would make more sense.

I believe that is not a bug an will close your repport unless you can give us
more details about non-fuctionnal Alias.

-- Jean-Michel Vourgère

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