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Bug#718789: apache2: upgrade wheezy -> testing (2.4.6-2) wiped out all of my log files


Julian Gilbey wrote:
with an appropriate warning in the Description field.

This field is not meant to be used for communication with our users
and as a DD you should know that well. This would also not help people
migrating, as they would have no reason to reread the package

NEWS.Debian is a proper place but in this case would be too late.
debconf is a solution but i'd rather a real fix than such an annoying

From my point of view, purging an obsolete package is perfectly
legitimate and i never had any problem with this before. After reading
apache2.2-common.postrm i see no easy way as it is not based on
package file ownership. Fortunately only symlinks in config subdirs
are removed, and not all logs (only certain patterns); thus httpd.conf
is probably the most problematic lost file.

I guess this is all dead for unstable but a stable upload may
introduce some mechanism without recreating an apache2.2-common package.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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