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Bug#728937: apache2: broken in system upgrade due to mailgraph Recommends leading to tntnet installation

Source: apache2
Version: 2.4.6-3
Severity: grave
Justification: renders package unusable

I had the following problem when upgrading Ubuntu from 13.04 to 13.10,
and since Debian has more or less the same packages (stable & sid), I
think it can be affected too.

After the upgrade, Apache was no longer working. I could connect to
the web server ("It Works" default page)... but it was the wrong page
and there were no apache2 processes. After some search, I could find
that a tntnet server had been installed during the upgrade and it was
causing the problem. Now, why has it been installed? The apt.log file

  Installing tntnet as Recommends of mailgraph
    Installing libcxxtools9 as Depends of tntnet
    Installing libtntnet11 as Depends of tntnet
      Installing tntnet-runtime as Recommends of libtntnet11

The mailgraph Recommends has in particular: httpd | apache2. As
the apache2 package wasn't installed on my machine (it is just
a metapackage with Apache 2.2, such as in Ubuntu 13.04 and the
current Debian stable, so that one can already have an Apache
server without this package), this can lead to the installation
of another web server such as tntnet via httpd.

Note: on this machine, I had apache2-mpm-itk installed, which had
"Provides: ..., httpd, ..." in the 2.2 version, but this line is
no longer present in the 2.4 version (the new apache2-bin package
has one and is eventually installed due to dependencies, but it
seems that apt can't figure this out early enough).

I don't know the best solution. Add a "Provides:" line to the
transitional packages (such as apache2-mpm-itk), which corresponds
to what apache2-bin now provides?

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