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Bug#708416: Acknowledgement (Apache2 on 'older' kernels does not work in Debian stable)

Update, as stated here:


and thus in Fedora:


"The problem is the kernel you have (too old). It doesn't have
accept4(), dup3() and epoll_create1() functions."

Thus that means about 2.6.28 being the minimum as that is where
accept4() was introduced.

Re-building libapr on the box with the old kernel solves this issue.

As such, a "Pre-Depends" on a linux-image >= 2.6.28 is the minimal thing
to do for this bug.

Unfortunately that does mean that for instance my case with an old 2.6
kernel and a installed, but not in use, newer kernel would still be

Possible alternative solutions:
 - fix apr to fall back to old versions of the function, at runtime not
at build-time.
 - have an running kernel version check and notify the admin that the
kernel is too old
 - enhance the error message to mention that the kernel is outdated.

It is sort of annoying for people who upgrade their live boxes and then
find out. (did not hurt in our case as they are all failovered anyway)


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