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Re: Apache2 vs. HTTP

On Friday 12 April 2013, Doug wrote:
> Are their differences in the current Apache2 Debian style
> distribution and the Redhat HTTP style distribution other than
> directory locations?

The default configuration is also quite different.

> In particular the processing of CGI process
> sockets between the two flavors? I did some research and it is
> still confusing to me. Do these two flavors not come out of the
> same Apache foundation code? Properly configured would one expect
> code to function equally on both?

There are two CGI modules in Apache HTTP, mod_cgi and mod_cgid which 
use different approaches to start CGIs. Both Debian and Redhat ship 
both modules, but there may be differences which module is selected by 
default. On Debian, mod_cgi is selected with MPM prefork and itk and 
mod_cgid is selected with MPM worker and event. I guess that is the 
difference you are observing.

Redhat and Debian also differ in which patches have been applied on 
top of the original code, but those differences are likely small. In 
Debian, there is README.Debian in the docs dir that should describe 
the behavior differences.


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