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Re: web-based cert management in Debian?

On 08/04/12 22:03, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> On Sunday 08 April 2012, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> I was just looking at package ssl-cert
>> I'm packaging a SIP proxy that would benefit from SSL certs
>> Has there been any discussion about doing something more than
>> ssl-cert, e.g. a simple web interface to invoke `openssl req', let
>> the admin cut-and-paste the req to their CA without ever using the
>> shell?
> No, I don't know of any plan or discussion about making a web 
> interface for creating certificate requests. I think there may be a 
> place for such a thing in Debian (if it does not already exist), but I 
> would prefer it to be in a separate package.
> Apart from that, the command line interface in ssl-cert could also use 
> some improvements.

I've proposed a GSoC project to improve SSL and PKI in Debian[1]

Several students with an interesting background have already contacted
me about this, but I may need additional help from co-mentors to make
the project a reality

The scope is deliberately quite broad: my own packages use TLS
certificates for SIP, but the work done by a GSoC project would be
generalised to support all kinds of use cases, including HTTPS, VPN,
mail, ...

Would anybody else be interested in assisting with this?

1. http://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2013/Projects#Improving_PKI_on_Debian

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