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Bug#681544: apache2-dev: provide dh_apache2 option to avoid enabling module by default

Hi Russ,

On 14.07.2012 05:06, Russ Allbery wrote:
> A nicer mechanism would be to allow the *.apache2 configuration file
> have an option for mod *.load lines saying not to enable the module
> by default.

I think, we should rather stick with a specialized dh_apache command
line argument, say dh_apache2 --no-start-by-default or whatever instead
of adding even more complexity to .load files. Does that sound
acceptable to you?

Moreover, we planned to let the maintainer give a local policy on that
regard. I could imagine a variable in /etc/default/apache2 determining
the web server reload behavior. In fact, that's quite the point to
abstract the module load behavior through our wrapper script, although
such policies are not implemented yet.

> If the module is enabled, then Apache should still be restarted on
> upgrade (or other configuration actions).  If the module is not
> enabled or wasn't previously installed, nothing should be done by
> default in postinst.  The postrm handling would remain the same.

We do so, don't we? At least we wrote code which should do right that,
but it might have bugs of course :>

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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