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Bug#701193: apr: FTBFS on x32: Needs update to ino_t_test

[Daniel Schepler]
> debian/ino_t_test
> ***
> *** 'apr_ino_t' size is 8, expected 4
> *** Please report this to the Debian Apache maintainers
> ***

This test exists in order to detect an ABI change from older 1.2
(before lenny!) to present.  Obviously the x32 port didn't exist then,
so, is there any installed base of x32 binaries outside Debian, built
in an environment from 2007, that dynamically link to libapr1 and would
break if run on Debian?  Seems unlikely.

Perhaps we can drop ino_t_test entirely?  It seems like at this late
date, any problem it still finds will be a false positive.

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