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Bug#692891: apache2: Server stopped after upgrading from 2.2.22-11 to 2.2.22-12

A Divendres, 16 de novembre de 2012 00:59:06, Arno Töll va escriure:
> [...]
> Note that worker calls start before apache2-doc is configured. I suspect
> you are having a policy.d script (i.e. /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d) which
> prevents a start. Could that be?

Well, you are right. Looks like I messed up earlier with sysv-rc-conf and I 
disabled Apache from there for runlevel 2.

Then I understand that with the service with a K01 instead of S99 on the 
respective rc2.d it won't restart on upgrade.

My bad. Sorry.

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