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Bug#663971: $named dependency in init script and pdns

> Hi insserv maintainers,
> there seems to be a problem with apache2's dependency on $named if 
> pdns is installed but not enabled [1]. This does not seem to be a 
> problem with other name servers. 
> pdns ships /etc/insserv.conf.d/pdnsd with
> 	$named pdnsd
> Should this be fixed in pdnsd by adding the "+", like other name 
> service entries in /etc/insserv.conf?

This. When there are many services that can each independently provide
a virtual service, it has been customary to make them optional by prefixing
with '+' as in /etc/insserv.conf

Curious though, how has pdns been disabled in your case?

Thanks, Kel

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