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Bug#679522: apache2.2-common: Apache Common and Combined definition Vs. documentation disparity

On Friday 29 June 2012, Ryan Jones (UK) wrote:
> I was unaware of the fact that %O logs something reasonable for
> partial requests. However, the purpose of this bug was not to
> argue for one or the other, only that the documentation should
> match what is implemented.
> In my case I spent a long time trying to understand why, when
> downloading x bytes from apache, the logs did not show x. I RTFM
> but the manual was wrong in this case. The Debian documentation
> said the common log file format was one way but the implementation
> was different.
> In my case a spent about 2 hours digging around, testing and trying
> to understand what was happening before I decided to look closer
> at how the common log file format was defined in the configuration
> to find that it was different to the documentation.

OK. I think we will try to improve the documentation, then.


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