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Re: Bug#666816: mod-proxy-html: sourceful transition towards Apache 2.4

On Thursday 19 April 2012, Emmanuel Lacour wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 03, 2012 at 04:13:45PM +0200, Arno Töll wrote:
> > there is probably no reason to ship your module once apache2 2.4
> > is in Testing and thus it should be removed as an individual
> > package. I'd suggest you to make it a transitional package
> > towards apache2-bin in Wheezy and drop it entirely for Wheezy+1.
> What is the recommended way? Convert this package to a dummy one,
> which version should I use (lintian complain about that this is a
> native debian package as sources are now empty)? Or maybe better,
> add libapache2-mod-proxy-html as a dummy transitional package in
> apache2 control file?

I think adding the transitional package to the apache2 source package 
would be best. If you agree, I will do that with the next upload.

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