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Bug#671260: Fwd: Re: seriously

[forwarding to #671260, that's better than #669796]


On 02.05.2012 21:13, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> P.S. It is slightly odd that to *build* a package containing a pure perl
> CGI script I should need to install an actual apache2 instance. If
> apache2-dev could be split so that dh_apche2 and the debhelper stuff
> were in a separate arch:all package that does NOT depend on apache2 that
> would be good I think.

that's on our list already. This is why we ask people to build-depend on
dh-apache2 explicitly. For now that's a virtual package provided by
apache2-dev but this might change in future. We may even try to include
it in debhelper proper if Joey agrees with.

We didn't yet because we still need to think how dh_apache2 should get
its information from if no apache package is installed.

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