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Re: seriously

clone 669796 -1
retitle -1 please split apache2-dev
severity -1  wishlist
reassign -1 apache2-dev

P.S. It is slightly odd that to *build* a package containing a pure perl CGI script I should need to install an actual apache2 instance. If apache2-dev could be split so that dh_apche2 and the debhelper stuff were in a separate arch:all package that does NOT depend on apache2 that would be good I think.

On 02/05/12 20:03, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
I managed to upgrade smoothly (albeit noisily) in a clean chroot
environment. I guess I shall have to develop in that.

On 30/04/12 22:08, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
clone 669796 -1
retitle -1 w3c-markup-validator: transition towards Apache 2.4
user debian-apache@lists.debian.org
usertags -1 apache24webapptransition

Okay I tried upgrading to the experimental release of apache and I
failed. It seems to me the experimental release needs some piuparts

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