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Bug#500558: Apache fails to start..

I can reproduce this behavior "out of" boot on Squeeze..
The error occurs when you have one interface that only have IPv6
address ( this happen if you call dhclient on some interface that has
no link ) and have one directive listen  with IPv4 address ( even if
is the loopback address) on the ports.conf.

Simple way to reproduce (with apache stoped):
1) Edit the ports.conf  with: listen
2) Remove the network cable and execute: dhclient
3) Kill the dhclient with CTRL+C
4) Execute "ifconfig" to confirm that your iface now have a IPv6 address
5) Try to start apache2

I will try to debug why apache turn in error even if have my loopback
has IPv4 address.

William Felipe Welter
Consultor em Tecnologias Livres

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