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Re: Let's talk about git management

On Monday 26 December 2011, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> I have already started to create an appropriate git repo, i.e. with
> the  upstream tarballs since 2.2.3 and an export of the pkg-apache
> svn that has its files moved from debian/*. It's not completely
> finished yet, and it's on a computer that I don't have access to
> right now. I will upload it somewhere for review on Tuesday or
> Wednesday.

OK, it's now available at


I have verified for all tags after 2.2.3-4 that the result of "git 
checkout $TAG" is identical to the result of "dpkg-source -x 
$source.dsc" (except for 2.2.15-6, where I don't seem to have the 
*.dsc file anymore).

The latest commit to svn is not included until I rerun the scripts 
(which take > 10 minutes even on tmpfs :-( ).

Please have a look if you see anything broken. Should we change the 
tag names to the git-buildpackage defaults (upstream/* and debian/*)?  
Is there anything else that should be changed?


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