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Bug#550840: UPD: apache2-mpm-prefork: reload does not work: childs hangs on FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE

On Saturday 17 December 2011, Claus Herwig wrote:
> is this bug still (or again?) present in Debian Squeeze?
> I think I hit this problem multiple times during last week, getting
> something like:
> hostname:/# strace -p 22854
> Process 22854 attached - interrupt to quit
> futex(0x7f1dc6f96550, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 2, NULL^C <unfinished
> ...> Process 22854 detached
> hostname:/#
> After finding this bugreport I disabled ipv6 on the server which
> seems to fix the issue.

This is likely a bug in glibc's resolver or (maybe) in libcurl.

Can you please also provide a backtrace to check that you have 
encountered the same issue? The process is described in 


Please also install libc6-dbg and libcurl3-dbg.

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