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RFH: libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server (an Apache2 module for serving Adobe socket policy files)

The libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server package has been reviewed and Thomas Goirand has offered to sponsor it, however, both he and I would appreciate another set of eyes (does not have to be a DD) looking it over before upload.

The package is an Apache2 module for serving Adobe socket policy files.

Adobe Flash Player (since version will not open a socket connection to a server unless the server first authorizes the connection via an Adobe socket policy. This module serves these policies. (Adobe uses a non-standard protocol for serving these policies, hence the existence of this module.)

The package can be downloaded from:


Thanks in advance!

Daniel Kauffman
Lead Developer
Rock Solid Solutions, LLC
877.239.9195 toll-free
208.699.9699 mobile

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