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Bug#307298: Include patch that fixes the problem of CONNECT via SSL

On Monday 08 August 2011, Dmitry Katsubo wrote:
> > But squeeze+1 will (hopefully) have v2.4, anyway.
> Stefan, unfortunately that did not happen: [sid] does not contain
> 2.4. Nor 2.3.

squeeze+1 == wheezy and that won't be released for another year or so. 
I still think that we will have 2.4 in wheezy when it's released. 
Right now I prefer spending my time on making 2.4 happen soon rather 
than doing large backports to 2.2. But the next Debian stable release 
will very likely have the patch, one way or the other. 

> Is the following issue fixed or not (after 1 year)?
> >> 2) If the backend closes the connection, but the client doesn't,
> >> the apache thread hangs and will not close the connection to
> >> the client.

Yes, I think that's fixed by now.

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