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Bug#629899: apache2: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed / Could not reliably determine the server's FQDN

On 06/09/2011 03:32 PM, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
On 2011-06-09 14:41:45 +0200, Massimo Manghi wrote:
I've run into the same problem recently upgrading to Linux 2.6.38 on my
home's computer. Symptoms are the shell prompt doesn't show the hostname
I had assigned at install time, being the hostname displayed instead
then one passed through dhcp by the router. A similar problem doesn't
occur at work where we run our own dhcp server and names passed by dhcp
match consistently the ones in /etc/hosts

Could a possible explanation for the workaround you found a latency in
the dhcp negotiation at boot time?

Here DHCP *must not* be used to determine the FQDN. It is specified
locally in the /etc/hosts file. This is important, in particular
because one may want to run local services depending on it even when
the external network is not available (the administrator may choose
to use DHCP for the FQDN, but should not be forced to).

I agree with what you say and it doesn't rule out my hypothesis. I don't mean dhcp is needed, what I meant is that the problem is in the way the hostname and domain are fetched from the configuration. Using DHCP was illuminating because I was able to tell where the hostname returned came from (and didn't come from /etc/hosts as expected)

More specifically: definitions in /etc/hosts (that were part of the determination of the name returned by 'gethostname' prior to the kernel upgrade) are now are ignored and the proof is that not only Apache is
affected but also other applications.

Once again my question is: should the bug be moved against the kernel or libc?

 -- Massimo

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