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Bug#625223: Please make the different MPMs co-installable

On Tuesday 03 May 2011, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Re: Stefan Fritsch 2011-05-03 <201105032258.02556.sf@sfritsch.de>
> > I am not sure what problem you want to solve, exactly. AFAIK,
> > there is  no package that exclusively depends on a threaded MPM.
> > Therefore, you can simply install apache2-mpm-prefork and have
> > no dependency problems. For each instance, you can still use
> > whatever MPM you want via the APACHE_HTTPD variable in the
> > /etc/apache-xxx/envvars file. Am I missing something? Or should
> > the documentation be clearer?
> For a customer site, we need to be able to install
> apache2-mpm-prefork and apache2-mpm-worker at the same time.

But why? There is no package in Debian that depends on apache2-mpm-
worker but doesn't have an alternate depends on apache2-mpm-prefork. 
If the problem is caused by a locally made package, wouldn't it be 
easier to change that package?

> Currently, this doesn't work because of the Conflicts and hence
> the APACHE_HTTPD is of no use for us.

APACHE_HTTPD=/usr/lib/apache2/mpm-worker/apache2 works even if 
apache2-mpm-worker is not installed.

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