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Bug#619408: apache2.2-common: mod_authnz_ldap require directives unrecognized if loaded after mod_authnz_default

On Wed, 23 Mar 2011, Brian P Kroth wrote:
In the default configuration mod_authnz_ldap.load is symlinked from
mods-available to mods-enabled but that orders it (lexicographically)
after the symlink to load mod_authnz_default.  This causes a number of
ldap specific arguments to the Require definition to be unrecognized and
logged as follows:

[Wed Mar 23 11:04:48 2011] [error] [client] access to /auth failed, reason: unknown require directive:"ldap-user bpktest bpkroth"

This message is not produced by apache2's core or any of the default modules. Therefore I expect that the bug is in a third party module. To find out which module may be the culprit, enter as root:

grep require: $(cat /proc/XXX/maps |fgrep .so|awk '{print $6}'|sort -u)

Replace XXX with the pid of a running apache process.

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