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Re: Request for sponsorship

Hi Arno,

I've read your post on debian-mentors and consider Apache Traffic Server a valuable addition to Debian. :-)

Sadly, the time I've available at the moment for Debian-related activities is barely enough for the packages I maintain, so I cannot sponsor your upload right now.

In case you don't find a proper sponsor, you can contact me back and we'll see if the situation got any better.



Il giorno 21/gen/2011, alle ore 00.08, Arno Töll ha scritto:

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> Hello,
> I'm sorry to do a bit of mass mailing here, but I am a bit poking in the
> dark. I would like to introduce Apache Traffic Server [1] to Debian and
> all of you seem to be potentially candidates to sponsor me.
> You are either maintainer of the Apache HTTP server (perhaps the best
> known ASF project) or maintaining an HTTP proxy (sort of at least).
> I hope you don't see it as sacrilege to ask you Squid, nginx and varnish
> people to upload another HTTP proxy server but I think there is nothing
> bad to have another one in Debian and I don't see a reason why we should
> be competitors (I use both, nginx and varnish anyways :)).
> I asked on debian-mentors as well [2][3] but I got no reaction so far.
> Perhaps you want to review and/or to sponsor the package directly. I am,
> however, happy if at least _anyone_ could give me some feedback. If you
> want to skip my (a bit long) posting on debian-mentors you may also go
> straight ahead to my package [4].
> For more information about Apache Traffic Server consider reading my
> introduction on debian-mentors.
> [1] http://trafficserver.apache.org/
> [2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/01/msg00276.html
> [3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/01/msg00186.html
> [4] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/t/trafficserver/ resp.
> http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=trafficserver
> Thank you for letting me waste your time and with kind regards,
> Arno Töll
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> xDWM9dgQYQBIZXS0k09BM2eo6kuMqw5fOmQ9YwEj8ehNIbJ2iBAUxZ2waB/iOkRw
> EN7igDGEVw9n0+vDIzOnmZUOXEocxQ4Ojgjk+O3b7r3FutmuDZGtxj7RIGt4xyvs
> YRfnLV8DgvDIbp4s88Sl3HhLXwP1qnHTh8Ir+5fYG4Qye/y4+bRE2CzuSatNduHC
> QbnQUJH+4d5jz6eHg9RQbzYWTv6Yy7AeL4lu/jm8cw/LIFDcmKxJ97IghmLG/iAr
> Bf7bWyAspyYKn/ahzVI1tS/DAcWT9+fQS18HuSDx6mDSxhB2ECLnGN+VQk0BTYNn
> wGlzx8/Rx0O1mA5fN7Hm79vZ5Ibw3I3FrwXrS7Ihb3j9FdcsShTyyBMlhOKYyDYv
> qdYcjnjO+/nNPW8U68DZ1/imq2AUOJZsvw9n1W4Hbe/QgUPp99VWuvmatwvthbB1
> E/qRls9TVyrsGgw8gf06
> =24Ji

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