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Bug#573996: Lost recent reports in /var/log/apache2/ when restarting with /etc/init.d/apache2 restart.

On Monday 15 March 2010, Bernhard Schiffner wrote:
> Package: apache2.2-common
> Version: 2.2.9-10+lenny6
> Severity: normal
> 0.) The server did not resposne http://... requests.
> 1.) ps showed 110 sleeping apache2 instances, no other anormalities
>  (dmesg, free, du etc.)
> 2.) I did a normal restart via /etc/init.d/apache2 restart.
> 3.) Everything is running ok now.
> 4.) I tryed to find out what happend, but the report files in
> /var/log/apache2 were newly created after restart and not appended.
> 5.) Older files there (created by logrotate) still exists.
> 6.) I have no info about the state or content of these logfiles
>  before restart.
> 7.) I didn't try something like sync before restarting apache2.

Are you sure that the log files were still there before the restart? 
It seems more likely to me that logrotate rotated the logs away, but 
the graceful reload did not work because apache2 hung. Therefore new 
log files were not created.

Of course there is still the question why apache2 hung in the first 
place. Has the problem occured again? Can you reproduce it? It would 
be nice to have a gdb backtrace of a hanging process. May the server-
status page would also give some insight on which script caused the 

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