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Bug#514008: apache2: Alias for /usr/share/images missing?

]] Reuben Thomas 

| As far as I can see, web applications designed to run under Apache
| install images under /usr/share/images and expect the URL /images to be
| aliased to this directory. However, I can't find any traces of it in the
| default apache2 configuration, though it's easy enough to add an Alias
| line to alias.conf.
| Should this not be in the default configuration?

Given that /usr/share/images is not only used by web packages, I think
the answer is «no».  Those packages should make sure to set up the
necessary aliases they need (or we could have something like
/usr/share/httpd/images that would be shipped in apache2.2-common and
which would be in the default config).

Tollef Fog Heen
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