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re[2]: запрос а Amazing Fly Monkey - Toy of the year apache2 2.2.9-10+lenny1 MIGRATED to testing apache2 override disparity apache2_2.2.11-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache2_2.2.9-10+lenny1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#134702: Christina und ihre Banane Bug#345260: Occasional abnormal memory usage growth Bug#419720: marked as done (apache2.2-common: unaligned trap in mod_ssl on alpha) Bug#444048: similar behaviour observed and solved Bug#495110: marked as done (apache2.2-common: /DocumentRoot/ s,/* *$,,) Bug#495982: marked as done (/usr/sbin/ab: /usr/sbin/ab segfaults on some https sites) Bug#501497: Bug in another versions of lib. Bug#503213: apache2: Apache child is segfaulting due to a call to memcpy() Bug#506060: marked as done (The DocumentRoot should be specified without a trailing slash.) Bug#507999: VirtualDocumentRoot and Redirect via htaccess yield wrong result Bug#508144: bad description of libapr1-dbg Bug#508145: bad description of libaprutil1-dbg Bug#508186: apache2: new upstream release 2.2.10 Bug#508186: marked as done (apache2: new upstream release 2.2.10) Bug#509116: apache2: mod_deflate with mod_fastcgi gives wrong content-length header GSM wireless terminal supplier I just uploaded a photo that I want you to see! I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE. International Credit Bank(i.c.b) New commits mailing list personal loan 8-125 JT..provisi/adm 1,5 % Processed: Re: apache2: Apache child is segfaulting due to a call to memcpy() Processed: Re: your mail Processed: Reassign Processed: tagging 508145, tagging 508144 Processing of apache2_2.2.11-1_i386.changes Processing of apache2_2.2.9-10+lenny1_i386.changes - Strana novych tvari a odbornikov Tem um Postal de Natal (ultima tentativa de entrega) Unete a nosotros y te regalamos una pagina web TOTALMENTE GRATIS The last update was on 06:01 GMT Sun Apr 14. There are 42 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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