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Bug#405773: Mysql auth how then?

Hi Peter!

Peter Scott wrote:
>> I don't know and it's outside my reach.  The bug report suggests technical
>> problems.  At least on the etch Apache 2.2 such a problem does not exist
>> for mod_auth_mysql.
> OK, sounds like it could be a while, if it wont be in lenney.
>> there was libapache2-mod-auth-mysql in sid which
>> you can rebuild on etch. Since it has been removed from unstable you'll 
>> have to fetch the source
>> code from <http://snapshot.debian.net/libapache-mod-auth-mysql>.
> Ill give it a go for the greater good you understand, if you are willing to give "insert tab a into slot b" instructions for those of us just used to debs.

Which architecture do you use?  I have amd64 packages in use that I
could make public.

> Why http://snapshot.debian.net/libapache-mod-auth-mysql not libapache2-mod-auth-mysql?

libapache-mod-auth-mysql is the old source package.
libapache2-mod-auth-mysql is the binary package.

I don't know if the binary package from unstable works fine on stable,
thus I proposed to rebuild it from source.

I'm currently working on that package to get it back into unstable
and hopefully testing as well.  You may also try the new package if
you like.  <http://luonnotar.infodrom.org/~joey/mod_auth_mysql/>
(Comments welcome)



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