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Re: Bug#470795: RFH: apache2 - Co-maintainer wanted

Hi Michael,

On Friday 14 March 2008, you wrote:
> I'm going to check open apache2 bugs. Would be glad if I could join
> the team.

Great. Here is some info that might help.

I have usertagged some bugs [1]. For actual work the view [2] is 
reasonable. The tags mean:

Bugs related to upgrade from 2.0 to 2.2. These will not be fixed 
anymore and can be closed, but maybe they are interesting for Ubuntu 
hardy. Therefore I wanted to wait with closing until hardy is 

Candidates for forwarding to upstream.

ssl, suexec, a2scripts:
Each of these groups touch the same area and need to be solved 
together. I have some thoughts how this should be done. Maybe I 
should create a wiki page with some info. For a2scripts I even have 
some code that I should commit. Before you work on any of these bugs, 
you should ask me.

Many older 'moreinfo' bugs could be closed (with a polite mail).

There are also some newer bugs that need to be reproduced/sorted out 
with the submitter. Some of these are probably configuration errors.

Before we give you commit access to the svn repository, I would like 
you to work on some bugs firsts (and create a few patches).

Thanks for your help.



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