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Apache2 is serving php files it does not own

After an update apache2 all of a sudden is serving php files it does not
own or have rights to read or write to. Up to this point i have had my
files owned by user: root and group: www-data, and all i had to do was
remove group rw rights on the file for apache2 not to serve the php
file. But all of sudden apache is serving  the file regardles of who
owns it and with 000 permissions. I tried a test with a .png file in the
same directory and that works fine, removing -r from its group www-data
denies access to it. Doing a ps -ef shows that apache is running as
www-data, i also consoled in as www-data and tried to cat the php file
and I do get denied as expected. Any ideas? I am using etch and apache 2
with php5


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